Baseball Games Rules You Need To Know

Baseball is a game played by two teams and each team consist of nine players according to the rule and cultural of the game. The team that has more runs between the two is declared as the winner.

Just like any other game, this game needs to have some set rule for fairness and avoid confusion between the playing teams.some of the baseball game rules are here, is some good tip to follow  .

  • Baseball Games Rules

Ground rule double —

This rule outline what should be done in an event that the ball is hit in fence in fair territory, this rule say that the run is given to the home team but it is important to notice that if the ball was not hit over the fence to the far territory but bounce on the fence this is given as a double to both teams.

The foul pole —

The foul pole

The ball should never hit the ground in the fair territory but it is supposed to travel in the air over the outer field.The poles are set up on both the left and right side of the field in the line called the foul line.. Any ball that hit any pole is considered a fair ball is given to the home run team

Tagging up —

Any base runner who is on the base should never advance up to the time that the hit ball will hit the ground but the runner can advance if the hit ball is caught by the fielder. This is called tagging.

Dropped third strike –

This happens then there are three strikes during a bat and the batter is out There is a special case if the catcher does not catch the ball pitched in the third strike or it drops, the batter is given first base if he manages to reach out for the ball before the catcher can tag them.

Infield fly rule —




When we have more than one runners on the base, and the runners have less than two outs and a flying ball has not hit a distant enough into a field, then that ball is out as defined by the infield fly rule Balk — this help to prevent the defensive team’s pitcher, from misleading base runners.

Since runners try to get bases by timing a pitcher throwing motion then the pitcher should never fake to start throwing the ball and then stop in between. If the pitcher does this then the runners of the other team are given a base.

Final Note:

As we can see baseball game rules are very simple and are meant to bring a fair game to both the playing team.

Having the six basic rule is a good start for any person interested in playing the famous and interesting baseball game.


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